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This blog is a way for me to express my passion for books. It consists of book reviews & other discussions concerning books that I have read. Feel free to look around & make yourself at home!

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I'm Emily. I'm 22 and a recent college graduate. I absolutely love reading. I became an obsessive reader after reading The Hunger Games trilogy in June 2011. The Hunger Games has literally changed my life in that way. I cannot imagine not being the reader that I am today because the books that I have read are amazing, and I'm extremely passionate about them. I typically read YA, but I'll also read adult from time to time. My favorite book genres are science fiction, dystopia, fantasy, and paranormal. I'm open to reading a book of any genre, though. My favorite books as of September 2013 are the Divergent trilogy, the Hunger Games trilogy, the Mortal Instruments Series, the Insider Series, the Across the Universe Trilogy, the Shatter Me trilogy, the Hush, Hush Saga, the Selection trilogy, and the Harry Potter series.  Besides reading, I also enjoy writing. I am currently working on my first novel. When I'm not reading and writing, you will find me spending time with my family and friends.


E-mail: emilyheartsbooksblog@gmail.com


  1. The power of the book is so evident in what you wrote. The Hunger Games did for you what the Potter books did for so many and lit the fire for reading. It's great to feel the enthusiasm behind your words. Good luck blogging.

    Do you live by water? Your background is so refreshing. :)

  2. Thank you! And no, my background is a photo from my summer vacation last summer to Chicago. Glad you like the photo.


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