Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Novella Review: The Prince

The Prince

"Before thirty-five girls were chosen to compete in the Selection...

Before Aspen broke America's heart...

There was another girl in Prince Maxon's life..."

Author: Kiera Cass
Year of Release: 2013
Genre: Dystopia
Sequel(s): None, this is a novella
What motivated you to read this book?: I really wanted to read a story from Maxon's perspective!
Book Version: ebook
Where did you get the book?: Digital Downloads
Favorite Character: Maxon
Least Favorite Character: Either Maxon's father or Daphne
Thoughts on Cover: It's okay. Looks like one of those covers that says "Cover to be released soon" so I keep fooling myself into thinking it's not the real cover. Then again, it doesn't have to be that great since it's just a novella. The font is really cool though.
Recommended to: Fans of Kiera Cass's The Selection Trilogy
Review:I could have read this in one sitting if I really wanted to. It was short & sweet. At first I thought the entire thing would take place before the Selection & I wasn't too fond of that. I didn't really like Daphne. I felt like I barely knew who she was and then she was proclaiming her love to Maxon. She seemed really rude too and selfish. I was glad that the majority of this novella took place during events from the actual book, but from Maxon's perspective. I already loved Maxon, but this has expanded my love for him. I loved reading about his first two encounters with America from his perspective. I like how her unexpected behavior made him attracted to her. I definitely want more short stories or novellas of scenes from either The Selection or the Elite from his perspective. A very good story.

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