Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Best Book of September 2013

Many thanks to YA Highway for the idea to post the best book that I read each month.  Last year upon deciding to stop participating it Road Trip Wednesday, I decided that I still wanted to post the best book that I read each month.

Please note: The best book of the month will not be a book that I re-read. Those books are already my favorites, so they will not be in the running for the best book of the month. All books considered will be books I have read for the first time.

Best Book of September 2013

Unearthly was the best book that I read in September 2013. It was a great book. It was fantastically written, well plotted, and the romance was amazing. I loved all the plot twists, especially those involving the romance. It was totally unexpected. I could actually go on complete rants about the romance in this series. The entire series was great, but Unearthly was my favorite. I really want to re-read it now! I probably will some day. 

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