Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer Fictional Crushes for Summer 2012

Back in June in a Top 10 Tuesday I posted my Top 10 Fictional Crushes (at the time). I also mentioned that I wondered which male characters would stand out to me this summer. Well, as the summer draws to a close, here is list of my Summer Fictional Crushes for Summer 2012. In other words, these are the boys that I liked the most in the books that I read this summer.

Note: The Top 3 are my ultimate favorites, but I could never decide which ones I like the most between them, so the Top 3 are in no order. The last 2 are in order.

1. Jace Lighwood--The Mortal Insturments Series-- I love, love, love Jace! I've never fallen for the bad boy before, but I loved him pretty much ever since the beginning of City of Bones. He is hilarious. I love his witty comments. They're so funny! Jace also has such a good heart. He will do anything for Clary and will do anything to make her happy. I truly love him!

2. Ian O'Shea--The Host--Ian's so sweet and so protective. I love how he accepts Wanda for who she truly is. I love him!

3. Jem Carstairs--The Infernal Devices Trilogy--Jem is so incredibly nice and selfless. Just as Jace will do anything for Clary, Jem will do anything for Tessa. Not only is he nice, but he's also a musican, he plays the violin. I like that. I also think it's cute how he's willing to write poetry for Tessa even though he hates it so much.  Love him, too!

4. Maxon Schreave--The Selection--Oh my goodness. Maxon. I love his kindness and how he is so patient and understanding. I also find him to be quite hilarious and I love his formality! I really hope America ends up with him.

5. Adam Kent--Shatter Me--I like Adam's protectiness of his little brother and of Juliette. It's so cute. I liked how his relationship with Juliette was a forbidden one. I love forbidden romance! I look forward to reading the next book, Unravel Me, to see what happens next between him and Juliette!

So who are your summer fictional crushes? 


  1. Holy moly, Jace is your first bad boy crush?! <333 Well, that's Jace for ya! And awwww, you're a Jemmer! <3 I absolutely love Jem with all my heart, but Will seems to get my heart thumping louder ^_^; Great list of crushes!! <3

    1. Haha, yes! Jace is my first bad boy crush ;) I normally go for the good guys like Peeta in The Hunger Games, Ian in The Host, and Jem in The Infernal Devices. I'm the exact opposite. I love Will, but I just love Jem so much more. Hehe :) Thanks for stopping by!! :D

  2. Cool post. Thanks for following my blog.

  3. I LOVE JEM!!! I also love Adam and Ian!!! Although in Unravel Me Warner is sure giving Adam some competition!


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