Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Top Ten Posts On My Blog

Top 10 Tuesday (#10) 

Top 10 Tuesday is a blog hop hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. They post a Top 10 topic & other blogs participate & link their blog post to their website. It is a way to get to know your follow bloggers & get more traffic on your own blog! If you have a book blog, you can definitely participate! If not, you can still post your answers below in the comments!

This Week's Top Ten Tuesday Topic is:

Top Ten Posts On Your Blog That Would Give The BEST Picture of YOU 

What an interesting and unique topic! Really makes you think which posts are the best! I've only had my blog since March (Wow, it's been just over five months since I posted my first post.), so I don't have many to pick from. Instead of 10, I picked 5. I thought that was a reasonable amount.

This post suits me so incredibly well. I hate spoilers. When I wrote this I thought I had just read a spoiler (turns out I hadn't) and was very upset. I wrote this to properly explain how to avoid, post, and react to spoilers.

2. You Know You're Reading a Great Book When...
This post was fun to write. It consists of lots of little things that may suggest that you're reading a good book. Lots of those listed I have experienced myself.

3. Fun Hunger Games Questionnaire
One of my book obsessions within these past several months or so was on the Hunger Games. I created this questionnaire so I could discuss my opinions on the series. I'm posting it here so you all can read how I feel towards this amazing series. Please note: this survey was completed a year ago in August 2011, but I didn't post it on here till March. And of course, my opinions may have changed since then.

4. Fun Divergent Questionnaire
Another book obsession that I've had recently was on the Divergent Trilogy. I created another questionnaire for this series for the same reasons why I made one for the Hunger Games series. 

5. Word of Mouth
I truly love spreading the word about my favorite books. In this post I basically talk about my love for doing so.

Edit: Just found another great post that I wrote in which I discuss my hatred of love triangles. It's actually the first post I ever wrote on my blog. Check it out here


  1. Love the Divergent post, Emily. I also participated this week! http://rachelwritesthings.blogspot.com/2012/08/top-ten-posts-that-describe-me.html

  2. I loved the How to Avoid Spoilers post. I hate spoilers as well and hate when people ruin books for me. I also enjoyed your post about you know when a book is good. All of the points you made were so true!! It was nice getting to know you a little better!

    Also, where was your blog background post taken? For a second I thought my computer was messing up and showing my computer background on your blog. I have a similar picture as my computer background! lol.

    Here's the link to my post in case you want to get to know me a little better!


    1. Thank you! :) I know, right? I hate spoilers!

      Thanks for stopping by! I'll check out your post! :)

  3. Enjoyed your list and especially the one about spoilers.


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