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Fun Hunger Games Questionnaire

Okay, I created this questionnaire back in August, added more details to it in November & was originally going to post it on Facebook, but I decided to post it here now that I have a blog. (Remember when reading this, that I wrote most of it last summer. I made some changes in November and a very, very small amount of changes now in March.) Also, these comments in this post are my opinions. Please respect them. Everyone has different opinions. Thanks :)

  Other fans can delete my answers & replace them with their own. WARNING! THIS QUESTIONAIRE HAS SPOILERS IN IT SO DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE SPOILED!

1. What got you to read the first book?

Funny story. lol So in March 2011, I was at an Emma Watson website reading comments on a post. Someone had commented saying that Emma was rumored to be in a movie called Hunger Games. I remember thinking "Hunger Games? What on earth is the Hunger Games?" I thought it sounded so weird and strange. I had never heard of the Hunger Games. Ironically, a few days later, I was eating lunch with my 2 friends Jeff and Brittany. Brittany was reading a book. I asked her what she was reading. She said it was one of the Hunger Games books. I remembered instantly about the rumor about Emma being in the movie. It was kind of like a weird coinsidence. I asked her what it was about & she explained a lot of the plot to me. I can't remember exactly everything she said. All I remember was her telling me that it was about kids fighting to the death and thinking that I would never like a book like that. The only parts that she gave away were: 1. That Peeta liked Katniss and 2. that every 25 years, all the winners of all the other Hunger Games join together and participate in another Hunger Games. The last one isn't exactly true, but that doesn't matter. (I honestly don't care that she spoiled those parts for me because at the time, I had no interest in even reading these books. Also, because those parts I would have found out about anyways. It said in Entertainment Weekly about Peeta "harbors feelings for Katniss" and on a decription of the third book at the OhioLink website, it said that Katniss surprising survived 2 Hunger Games". So I would have found out about those parts even if Brittany hadn't told me.) Anyways, several weeks later, I saw on Facebook that Entertainment Weekly was doing a cover of Katniss from The Hunger Games. I clicked it and read the short article. I then decided that I might read the first book over the summer. I also, really wanted to get that issue but I was nervous that I wouldn't since my subscription to Entertainment Weekly was already over, but I was still getting a few extra issues. Luckily, that Friday, I received it. I looked through the photos and read a short column that was a spoiler free description of the first book. I then officially decided that I would read the books and that was basically the start of my Hunger Games obsession.

2. Who is your favorite character in the series?

Peeta. Definitely Peeta. He has been my favorite character since the first book. I started to like him when he told Katniss that he would take care of Haymitch after Haymitch got drunk on the train on the way to the capitol. I thought that was nice of Peeta. He is so sweet, kind, protective (but not so protective that its annoying *cough* Edward Cullen *cough*), loyal,caring, funny, and selfless. He is just so adorable. He is hard not to like. (Even Gale says that it is hard to hate.) I also like it when he teases Katniss. When she gets mad at him, he apologizes. It's so sweet. Most guys don't apologize for stuff they do. Peeta even apologizes for things he doesn't need to apologize for. (Read Catching Fire) I remember through the first two thirds of the first book thinking that he was going to get killed in the Hunger Games since of course there could only be one winner and I thought for sure that Katniss would be the one to kill him. Then at the end of the second third, it is announced that the two tributes from same district could win, and I remember being so relieved that Peeta would probably survive. However, there were parts after the announcement was made where I thought that Peeta wouldn't make it especially when he had blood poisoning and at the end with the berries. I remember being so happy when he survived and didn't eat the berries (I thought for sure he had.) but I remember going into a panic when he collapsed on the hovercraft that picked him and Katniss up at the end of the hunger games. Then I was so happy knowing that he survived that too. He is honestly the only character besides Katniss that I cared about surviving while reading the series. I knew Katniss would survive since she's the main character but I didn't know if Peeta would survive. 

It's also important to note that if it weren't for Peeta's bravery, he never would have announced his love for Katniss to the entire country. And if that never happened, then the rule change never would have occurred and Peeta would have died from blood poisoning. Also, if Peeta wasn't so likeable, Katniss wouldn't have cared so much when they made the announcement about the rule change and she wouldn't have gone looking for him to team up with him. And even if she did, she probably would have killed him after awhile. But after teaming up with him, she may not have fallen in love with him, but she did grow to care for him. She didn't want to lose him just so she wouldn't have to be alone in the games. She just didn't want to lose him. She didn't want to lose the boy with the bread. She cared too much about him and would do anything to keep him alive even risk her own life. And at the very end, if it weren't for Peeta's kindness and love, she probably would have killed him when they changed the rule back to only one person can survive. But like I said, she cared too much about him, and didn't want to lose him so she took out the poisonous berries and was even going to sacrifice herself just so she wouldn't have to kill/lose Peeta. So all in all, if it weren't for Peeta's kindness and love, the berry scene never would have happened and the rebellion never would have started. It is his love that caused the rebellion. 

The thing I especially like about Peeta is that he is so selfless that he was willing to sacrifice himself so Katniss can be with her family and Gale. He loves Katniss so much that he would do that for her even if it meant she would end up with Gale and not him. 

3. Which book of the three is your favorite?

Either "The Hunger Games" or "Catching Fire". I can't decide between the two of them. I like "The Hunger Games" because it of course, introduces all the characters and the concept of the hunger games. You also realize how horribly gruesome and cruel the capitol is. The majority of the book just occurs when Katniss is in the arena but a lot happens when she is in the arena. Katniss develops a special bond with Peeta. I believe that she was falling for him while she was with him, but she was unaware of it because at the time she had no interest in romance and doesn't know what it is like to have feelings for a guy. She does say several times that she was unsure of her feelings.

I like "Catching Fire" too because it shows more of Katniss's "normal" daily life in district 12 than in "The Hunger Games". I really like that aspect.  Her bond with Peeta continues to grow. When they are pretending to be madly in love (well, Peeta wasn't pretending), she continues to fall for him and care for him. I like this book because she is no longer ignorant and knows that Peeta loves her and yet, she still spends a lot of time with him even when she doesn't have to pretend that she loves him. Normally, when you find out that your friend loves you it is awkward, but there isn't much of any awkwardness between the two of them. I really like the concept that she is willing to die for him in the quarter quell. Even though she doesn't know it, I really think that she does love him in this book. You have to really love someone if you are willing to die for them. 

4. What do you think of the casting of the movie version?

I never had doubts of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss. She looks perfect as Katniss. I'm sure if I had known what the Hunger Games was back when she was announced as Katniss I would have been upset that a blond haired girl was cast as Katniss, but I wasn't a fan back then. I actually saw photos of her as Katniss before I even read the books so I never had doubts. I personally think she looks better as a brunette than as a blond.

As for Josh and Liam as Peeta and Gale, well, when I was reading the first book, I was upset that they cast known actors for the two leading men and not unknown actors. At the time, I would have preferred unknowns to have been cast as Peeta and Gale. I quickly became fine with the fact that Liam was going to play Gale. However, I still didn't want Josh to play Peeta. Not because he doesn't look like Peeta but because I thought he had been in way too many films and well, like I said, I wanted an unknown actor to play Peeta. I mean I LOVE Peeta and I didn't want some famous actor playing him. Later, after I finished the series, I saw pictures of him on set as Peeta and all my doubts went away. He seemed perfect as Peeta. I also discovered that he has a personality similar to Peeta's. I watched two interviews of him--one where he was on Letterman and one when he was on the George Lopez show and I thought he was very good with words like Peeta and that he always knew what to say. That's exactly like Peeta. Ever since then, I thought that he would be a perfect Peeta. At the end of July, the first professional photos of him as Peeta came out in Entertainment Weekly and I was really feeling it. He looked great as Peeta. I just love him with blond hair, muscluar arms, and broad shoulders. Also, I love the quote that Suzanne Collins, the author, said in Entertainment Weekly "People may get thrown, say, by the color of an actor's hair, or something physical. But I tell you, if Josh had been bright purple and had 6 foot wings and gave that audition, I'd have been like 'Cast him! We can work around the wings!' He was that good!" And Josh's quote  saying that he IS Peeta made me thrilled. I now KNOW that he will be a fantastic Peeta. I really look forward to seeing him bring my favorite character to life. :)

5. What scene do you most look forward to seeing in the movie version of the first book?

   Several (in no order):
   1.The part when Peeta reveals his love of Katniss to all of Panem. That was so unexpected.
   2. When Katniss finds Peeta in the mud.
   3. All the cave scenes especially:
       a. when Peeta tells Katniss the story of when he first fell for her when they were 5.
       b. when Katniss drugs Peeta with sleeping medicine so she can go get him medicine that saves his life
       c. when Katniss kisses Peeta for the first time
       d. the kiss between Peeta and Katniss when Katniss starts to realize that she "wants another"
  4. The scene when Peeta and Katniss are reunited at the crowning of the victors and Peeta won't stop kissing Katniss
  5. Surprisingly, the last scene when Katniss finally comes clean to Peeta & Peeta gets so upset & yeah.... :( That scene is sooooo sad but its crucial and I want to see that scene. I expect to cry during that scene. If I don't, then something's seriously wrong.

6. How do you feel about the media comparing "The Hunger Games" to "Twilight"?

I HATE IT! Do not compare them. They only have one similarity and one similarity alone and that is that they both have a love triangle and that is it. "The Hunger Games" are much better than the "Twilight" saga so don't you dare compare the two. First of all, the "Twilight" saga is about a girl who is obsessed with a guy who happens to be a vampire. When he leaves her in "New Moon" she goes into a great depression. It's as if her life depends on him and she cannot live without him. PATHETIC. Seriously? That's a horrible message to tell young girls.  A boy should not become a girl's entire life. It is great to be in a relationship but that relationship should NOT be your whole life, it should just be a main part of your life. Girls still need to do other things with their girlfriends and with their family. When Edward ditched Bella, she does absolutely nothing for months and months except mope around and scream in pain. I mean, I understand about heartache and everything but you honestly have to move on. In "The Hunger Games", Katniss does not obsess over Peeta or Gale. In fact, she doesn't want to be in a romantic relationship at all. She just wants to take care of her family and make sure that they survive. Bella would never be able to do what Katniss did. She would never be able to support her father by going out hunting or whatever (unless she was a vampire but that's a different story....). 

Bella relies too much on Edward to protect her. She is not capable of protecting herself and there is no way that she can protect him. In fact, much of "Eclipse" is about a whole bunch of vampires and werewolves teaming up to protect Bella. She cannot defend for herself at all. Although, Peeta protects and saves Katniss numerous times, Katniss saves his life many times as well. She is able to live out in the wild on her own and Bella wouldn't last a day on her own in the wild.

Bella is dead set on Edward being the love of her life while Katniss keeps her options open.

One thing that I love about "The Hunger Games" trilogy is that there is never a single mention of sex or an indirect mention of it. In Twilight, there are lots of sex references. I also love how in "The Hunger Games" there is not one single bad word written in the entire trilogy. Okay, the term "hell" is used once or twice but only when Haymitch describes the hunger games. There is actually no swearing at all in it which I think is great. 

There are many other reasons why "The Hunger Games" is better than "Twilight" but the final thing that I will mention is this: Peeta and Gale never fight or argue over Katniss. NONE. AT. ALL. I love that. They may not like each other but they never fight or try to kill each other. Jacob and Edward disagree and fight all the time especially in "New Moon" and "Eclipse". Also, in "The Hunger Games" Peeta chooses to risk his own life when Gale is being beaten to death by a peacekeeper (or is it a peacemaker?) by telling the peacekeeper that in order to get to Gale he will have to get thru him (him meaning Peeta) and Katniss. Gale also risks his life by going on a mission to rescue Peeta after Peeta's been captured by the capitol. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but Jacob and Edward NEVER risk their own lives for the other. In fact, Edward prevents Bella from visiting Jacob on purpose. (yes, i know he was trying to protect her but he went WAYYYYYY overboard). Peeta and Gale never prevented Katniss from seeing the other. Also, if Edward & Jacob were just human, Peeta and Gale could kill them both instantly. And Katniss would kill Bella in the blink of an eye with her great archery skills. Overall, Peeta & Gale > Jacob & Edward and Katniss > Bella

Sorry, one more thing, Bella doesn't end up with the person I want her to be with, but Katniss ends up with the person I want her with!! :D Gotta love "The Hunger Games"!!!!!

7. Lots of people don't like "Mockingjay". What is your opinion? 
  It was okay. It could have been a lot better if Peeta hadn't been brainwashed/corrupted & if not as many people had died especially Prim & Finnick. :( I liked the ending though with Katniss choosing Peeta. That was just great. But why did Suzanne wait till the LAST page for her to choose Peeta?? I mean after Peeta returned to district 12, she should described Katniss realizing that Peeta was the one for her in more detail. She could have had a specific scene when Peeta kissed her and said "You love me, real or not real?" rather than just mentioning it briefly at the end. Hopefully, it will be better in the movie.

8. Peeta or Gale? 
Peeta. :) Of course! I simply adore Peeta. If there is a guy like him that enters my life, I swear I will fall head over heels in love with him. I really wish more guys were as kind, sensitive, understanding, and selfless as him. I love how in Catching Fire, he was willing to die so Katniss can be happy with her family and with Gale. He was willing to die so Katniss can be with Gale. How incredibly selfless is that? So, so, so sweet. He deserves Katniss so much. I just love him.

9. Why do you think "The Hunger Games" has such a huge fanbase?
  I think it is because it is just one of those books that you just cannot put down. You are just dying to see what happens next. Who will survive and who will die? It is like Harry Potter in the way that it has something for everyone. It has action, politics, war, and of course, my favorite, romance :) It is such a unique story with such an important message. 

10. Who are you seeing the movie with? My friend Brittany

11. Are you going opening day? Yup 

12. Other comments? I'm really excited about seeing this movie. I'm not sure what to expect but I know it will be great :)

Alright, you can answer these questions too if you would like in the comments or blog. (If you post a blog with your answers give me the link to it in the comments.) Obviously, your answers don't have to be as long as mine, but I'm curious to know what your opinions are!

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