Sunday, March 11, 2012

Word of Mouth

I read somewhere once (or twice) that word of mouth is the best way to tell people about books that you love. (Other methods are blogs like this one, goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) One book series that I have read that I was told about by a friend was the Hunger Games and well, most people who know me know that I love the Hunger Games. Due to my love and obsession over that series, I told lots of my friends, acquaintances, co-workers, and relatives about it and many agreed to read it. In fact, I have lost count of how many people I have convinced to read it. Anyways, influencing people into reading a book that I love and enjoy causes happiness to form in the core of my heart and spread out all the way to my fingers and toes! Okay, I am exaggerating slightly but regardless, after telling people I know about a book that I read and then they tell me that they plan on reading it too makes me so happy and giddy! And knowing that they too will tell people that they know about it as well makes me even happier.

 It just keeps going and going and going. My friend tells me about a book and then I read it. I then talk on and on about it to people that I know and they read it as well. They love it and go on and tell their friends about it. Then, they tell people about it, and then they tell people about it. And so on and so forth. It is just a never ending cycle.

So the next time you read an amazing book, go out and tell your friends about it. You never know. They may end up loving it so much and forming an obsession over it like I did with the Hunger Games, and then go on and tell people they know about it as well. Word of mouth is just amazing like that. It will also give you someone to talk about the book extensively with. I truly believe that's the best part.


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