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Fun Divergent Questionnaire

Hey, everyone! As some of you may know, I posted a Hunger Games Questionnaire back in March. Since I'm in Divergent mode after reading Insurgent I have decided to create a fun Divergent Questionnaire. Feel free to post your own answers!

Before I start I will tell you guys that I will continue my Hunger Games 30 Day Challenge soon--probably later this week.

WARNING: This Questionnaire has huge spoilers from both of the Divergent books!!! So stop reading if you do not want to be spoiled!

1. How did you start reading the series?
My sister. I remember the day she told me about the first book back in December. She said that her book club at her school was going to read a book that her friends claimed was similar to the Hunger Games. I thought it would be the book that I had just finished which was The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater. I asked her and she told me that it wasn't The Scorpio Races, that it was called Divergent. She also told me that her friends claimed that it was better than The Hunger Games. I remember thinking "Better than The Hunger Games? That's unlikely." I then went on Amazon and looked up information about the book. It seemed confusing at first with all the factions and everything (Actually, to be honest, the story of The Hunger Games sounded confusing at first too.). I showed my sister the website and she seemed immediately interested. I knew that I myself would eventually read it too, but not right away.

Later, after my sister read it, she kept telling me that I should read it and that I would like it. She even told me that she liked it better than the Hunger Games. I ended up requesting it and loving it! Thanks to my sister for telling me about it! I cannot imagine not having read these awesome books!!

2. Who is your favorite character in the series?
Tobias/Four. I absolutely love him. He is so brave and selfless. I like how he isn't perfect. I like how he is portrayed as being imperfect and human. He is obviously flawed, but that's realistic. I also like the reasoning behind him liking Tris. He doesn't like her because she's attractive, he likes her because of her qualities especially her strength. He seems to see her strength when she doesn't. It also makes me happy how Tris doesn't let having a boyfriend define her just like Katniss doesn't let having a boyfriend define her either. Tris always does what she believes is right and I like how she even took a risk in what could have ended her relationship with Tobias.

3. Least favorite character?
Living--Evelyn-- I don't know why, but I don't trust her, just like Tris doesn't either. We'll see what happens in book 3.
Dead--Eric--I hated Eric. I was very eager for Tris to kill him. I was disappointed when he didn't die after Tris stabbed him, but I'm glad that Tobias ended up killing him in the end.

4.Which character do you love to hate?
Peter. In Divergent I didn't love hating him, I just hated him, but now after Insurgent I do. I typically somewhat like some bad guys when I start to realize the good in them. Peter obviously is a messed up guy, but there is some good in him deep down. He's also quite hilarious in some scenes at the end of Insurgent.

 5. Which book is your favorite (so far)?
Insurgent, definitely. That's good because sometimes sequels aren't as good as the first books, but Insurgent is definitely better than Divergent. I look forward to reading it again this summer. Let's just hope that book 3 is even better!

 6. How do you feel about it being called the next Hunger Games?
I have no problems with this. I definitely do believe that Divergent is the next Hunger Games. Of course, there are a lot of differences between the two series, but I do feel that both series are extremely popular and they are both in the dystopian genre. Not only that, but they both have strong female characters in them. I love both Katniss and Tris. I have a good feeling that when the Divergent movie comes out, everyone will know about it and that it will become even more popular than it already is. That's exactly what happened when the Hunger Games movie came out. Divergent will be a hit. I know it.

7. What do you think will happen in book 3?
This is hard to predict especially considering that Veronica Roth does not even know how it will end. There are certain things that I would like to happen, but who knows? I have a few predictions, but not much. I don't really know what the world is like outside of Chicago. It's interesting to think about though.

8. What would you like to happen in book 3?
Obviously, I want there to a realistic ending that is somewhat happy. I want Tobias and Tris to end up still together in the end with one or two children (if there is an epilogue that is). I would also like Uriah and Christina to survive to the end but that's unlikely considering how almost all of Tris's friends have died in either Divergent or Insurgent. I kind of wonder if Tris will make friends with people who are non-Chicagoans. More than likely. Not sure. I would also like Caleb to end up good in the end if he survives. It would also be cool if Tris meets more of her relatives like whoever Edith Prior is and her spouse and her children, etc. I think it will be interesting to see where Tris ends up living in the end. Will she live in Chicago in a factionless society? Or somewhere else outside of Chicago? I don't really care.

9.What do you think book 3 will be called?
Not a clue. Maybe Convergent or Emergent. Cannot wait to find out. Hopefully Veronica Roth will announce it this summer or this fall. Apparently it will not be called Detergent.

10. Which faction are you? Your family? Friends?
I would be in Amity. I really like Amity. Plus, I really like wearing skirts and dresses. Of course, I fight and have arguments with people, but I try to avoid it especially with people I don't know. When I do fight though, it's with words, not fists, and definitely not with a weapon. I can see myself being born into Erudite and then selecting Amity when I turned 16. I was born into a family of smart people. Everyone in my family is smart. I think my siblings would have stayed in Erudite when they turned 16 and left when they realized that Jeanine is a horrible, cruel person.

As for my friends, I can see most of them being in Amity with me except for my friend Jeff. I can see him being in Dauntless.

11. What do you think the cover of book 3 will look like? I think it will be red or gray and will have the Abnegation symbol on it because it was their idea to reveal the secret information file to everyone and of course, going out to "save the world" is kind of a selfless thing to do. Whatever it ends up looking like, I am sure it will look great. Cannot wait to see what it will look like!

12. Who do you want to play Tris and the other characters?
I want talented unknowns to be in the movie. Either that or people with experience who aren't famous. Jennifer Lawrence who plays Katniss in The Hunger Games had been in independent films before she was in The Hunger Games, but she wasn't famous prior to being cast as Katniss. People like that should be in Divergent.

13. Which scene is your favorite (so far) in the series?
I don't have a favorite scene. There are a lot of scenes that I enjoyed a lot. I especially like the romance in them. In Divergent, I enjoyed the scene when Tris and Tobias go into Tobias's fear landscape together. I also like the part right after when they finally kissed & got together. I enjoyed all the romance in Divergent, not  just those scenes. In Insurgent, I liked all the romance scenes especially the part when Tris finally tells Tobias that she loves him. That scene was cute.

14. Did you like how Insurgent ended? Yes, I loved it! I talk about it in my Insurgent Post.

I will probably retake parts of this survey next year after book 3 comes out. It will be interesting to compare my answers and to see how my opinions changed!

Thanks for reading!


  1. 2. I'd have to go with Tobias being my favorite. He's definitely a tough guy and knows how to kick butt. But he's not tough to the point of being a jerk. I like how he's not selfish and is always thinking of others, especially Tris. I think he combines the best aspects of Abnegation and Dauntless.

    3. Living - Evelyn - She just doesn't seem trustworthy to me. I don't think she really cares about the other factionless. I believe she has her own personal agenda and is just using the factionless to advance her own agenda.

    Dead - A tie between Eric & Jeanine - Eric is an evil sadistic...can't say it here. He has no remorse when killing innocent people. I thought it was sweet justice when Tobias killed him. Jeanine is also sadistic and evil. If there is one positive thing I could say about her, it is that at least she did what she did because she believed in protecting the most people. I don't agree with her reasoning though. But I can understand why some people would think like that. If I had a choice between keeping one alive, I'd rather keep Jeanine alive then I would Eric.

    6. I think it's quite complimentary to call it the next Hunger Games. And it does have that feel of being the next big thing in books. It's definitely unique and I think it can appeal to many types of people. It will be fun to say when the movie comes out that I liked the Divergent trilogy before it was cool! lol

    11. I think the fine author of this blog will probably end up being right about the cover. But I can see a cover with all the faction symbols on it which would symbolize the divergent population coming together to take humanity back. But maybe that's too simplistic.

    13. There really is a lot of great scenes in this series so far. It's really hard to pick just one! But if I had to pick, I liked the scene were Tris and Four go into the fear simulation together. Another scene I liked is when Tris wins the fight against Molly because she proves to everyone she is not a pushover and not someone to be taken lightly.


    1. 2. I love Tobias. It's actually quite funny, at first I didn't like him when I read beginning of Divergent.
      3. I definitely don't like Jeanine either
      6. yes, lol! I'm excited about saying that I was a fan before it got big too. It is "popular" now but not "popular" enough so that everyone knows what it is. You know what I'm talking about?
      11. The author of this blog?? haha
      13. I honestly didn't like the scene where she beat Molly up because Eric approved and if he approves then that can't be good since he has no morals

    2. 2. I was indifferent to him in the beginning.
      6. Yep, know exactly what you mean. It's kinda like the Hunger Games when it first hit the scene. Popular, but not Harry Potter popular.
      11. Writer?
      13. That's an interesting thought. Yeah, I just thought Molly had it coming to her. She was a bully and bullies need to be taught lessons.


    3. 2. I fell in love with him later on
      6. That's ironic considering that I read a few days ago that HG has officially made more money than the last HP film.
      11. Sure
      13. I still don't like that scene.


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