Tuesday, June 12, 2012

You Know You're Reading a Great Book When...

I started thinking about this when I was reading The Host (View review here). I came up with a lot of things.


You Know You're Reading a Great Book When...

... you become emotionally attached to the characters. You're happy when they're happy. You're sad when they're sad. You're in pain when they're in pain. The list goes on...
...you start panicking when the characters put themselves into difficult situations even when they aren't panicking.
... you find yourself attracted to one of the characters.
...you would love to have one or more of the characters as your  friend.
... you literally do nothing but read all day.
...you can't stop thinking about it when you're not reading.
...you get upset when someone spoils parts of it for you.
...you cry whenever a character you love dies.
...you cry when you finish.
...you talk about the characters as if they are real people.
...the wait for the sequel becomes excruciating for you.
...you want the characters to be real.
...you stay up later than you intend too & you have to force yourself to stop reading. (I literally had to say "Stop Emily" when reading The Host late one night.)
...you can't sleep after forcing yourself to stop reading it because you are unable to stop thinking about it.
...you want to live in the world the story takes place in.
... you become envious of the author's writing style.
...you look ahead even when you are extremely against doing so. (I did this with The Hunger Games & The Host.)
...you start comparing everything in real life to it.
...you get all giddy inside whenever you meet a person in real life who has the same name as a character.
...you laugh out loud when thinking about a part in the story and everyone looks at you like you're a freak.
...you can't stop reading! (From Facebook Friend, Vani)
...you go to the kitchen and try to fix a meal with one hand because your other  hand is holding the book. (From Facebook Friend, Amiesha)
...you time travel into the book and think it's real life and happening to you as you read, and then something jars you out of your fantasy and you realize it is in fact not real life. (From Facebook Friend, Jessy)
...you start rereading parts of it the same day you finished it.
...you start rereading it less than a week after finishing it.

Thanks to some of my Facebook friends for their input! I would also like to hear what others have to say! Please comment your thoughts below! If I get a lot of comments, I'll post a part II.


  1. I've done just about every one of these things, except for peeking ahead. I really like being surprised, even when something bad happens. Great list!

  2. Thank you! Glad you like it! Yes, I rarely look ahead. I like being surprised too.


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