Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ship Sunday--Divergent

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Warning: There are spoilers in this post!
This week's book or book series:

                 My Favorite Couple From Divergent
                                 Tris & Tobias

I really like Tobias and Tris together. They are really cute. In Divergent, I liked how their feelings for one another developed slowly and surely. I think the romance between the two of them is the best part in both Divergent and Insurgent, and I cannot to see what happens to the two of them in the next book! I especially like how their relationship feels real. They don't always get along perfectly and they are not always lovey-dovey to each other. They fight, they get into arguments, and they experience real things that real couples go through. I love that. Those parts only make me enjoy the lovey-dovey parts even more than I think I would have without the arguments. The thing I especially like about their relationship is that Tobias does not feel the need to protect Tris. He knows that she can take care of herself, and that she is strong. He respects her for that. 

What's your favorite ship from Divergent? Comment below, or if you have a blog, post your link!

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