Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ship Sunday--Hunger Games

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Warning: There are spoilers in this post!

This week's book or series:

                        The Hunger Games
                       By: Suzanne Collins

My favorite couple from The Hunger Games:
Peeta & Katniss

I love Peeta and Katniss together. I wanted them to get together since the very beginning of the first book. Opposites attract. They are so different from each other, yet so perfect for each other. They both experienced two games of the Hunger Games. They were both willing to die for the other multiple times during both games. Not many people who experience the Hunger Games are willing to die for another person in it. They were truly the only two people each trusted. Katniss only completely trusted Peeta and Peeta only completely trusted Katniss. I really love the two of them together. They are definitely one of my favorite fictional couples ever.

What's your favorite ship from The Hunger Games? Comment below, or if you have a blog, post your link!

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