Monday, June 25, 2012

Musing Mondays (#2)

Musing Mondays is a blog hop hosted by Should be Reading. They post a question for people to discuss & "muse" over. If you have a book blog, you can definitely participate! If not, you can still post your answers below in the comments!

This week's musing asks...

Do you set goals for yourself, while reading? For example, “want to get this book finished this weekend," or "I will read __ pages today," etc. Why, or why not?

Yes and no. Sometimes while in the middle of a book, I'll be like "I would like to finish this by the end of the week." But if I don't finish it, I don't panic or anything. Reading is something I do for fun, not something I want to rush through. Sometimes though, I do feel as though I want to finish a book because I want to start another book that I think will be better than the book I'm currently reading. 

I also don't usually set a page goal either. Again, like I said, I read for fun. If I don't want to read that day, then I don't (doesn't happen often). However, I do update my page status on Goodreads on a nightly basis, and I'll notice if I have read a lot that day or not. I'll admit that sometimes I do end up a little upset if I hadn't read that much, but I don't dwell on it. It's not something to worry about. 

What about you? Do you set goals while you're reading? Feel free to post your answers below in the comments!


  1. I like your answer. Yes, reading should not be rushed but enjoyed instead...though I do break this once a while...

    Here's my answer:

    1. Interesting answer!! And thanks for the follow!

  2. I do not really set any reading makes reading too much like a job in my mind if I do. I read when I can, as much as I can and finish when I will.


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