Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Road Trip Wednesday--June 13, 2012

Road Trip Wednesday is a blog hop hosted the awesome people over at  YA Highway. Each Wednesday they ask a writing or reading related question that we can think about & discuss. It's very similar to Musing Mondays. But hey, I like talking about reading & writing! It's fun! If you have a blog, feel free to participate. If not, post your answer in the comments!

This week's discussion topic is: 

If you could go on a writing retreat anywhere, where would you go & who would you bring? If time and money were no object, where would you shut yourself away to write the great American novel? And what friends, crit partners, or inspiring authors (living or dead!) would you bring along?


Love this question! If I could go anywhere to just write, I would go to the Caribbean Islands. The setting of my novel takes place on an island quite similar to the Caribbean, so I would want to take full advantage and go there so I would be able to describe what it is like there in my novel. As for who I would bring along, I'd bring my future husband with me. I wouldn't want many other people there with me to distract me from my writing, so I would only bring the love of my life with me.


  1. Awww :D I love that you would bring your future husband with you :D
    My hubby would definitely come with me too but...I´d probably invite other writers too so they can bring their significant others. We´ll do the writing thing and then catch up with them when we can/choose to :D

  2. Beach and sand is not for me, but I would definitely have family around. :)

  3. Wow, wow, wow. Nice pool.
    And a lovely person to bring. i couldn't really go for long without hubby, i'd be too busy pining to write!

  4. Now that picture just makes me want to swim up to the bar and order a big margarita on the rocks! But I suppose if you MUST go for research purposes....

    1. Haha! Probably will never happen though :P


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