Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ship Sunday--June 3, 2012

Ship Sunday is a new weekly blog hop hosted & created by Emily @ Emily Hearts Books. Each week a book or a book series will be listed & I will discuss my favorite "ship" from that book or book series. I'm not referring to your typical ship on water type of thing.  So what ship am I referring to? According to Urban Dictionary, a "ship" can be a noun or a verb. 

Noun: Short for relationship, popularized in fanfiction circles.
Verb: To endorse a romantic relationship

So in other words, a ship is fictional couple in which you support in a book or series. For example, (noun) I love the Ron and Hermione ship OR (verb) I ship Ron and Hermione. 

It's as easy as that. But, if you are still confused check out the Wikipedia page for "shipping (fandom)". Whoever created that page did a great job.

This week's book or book series:
 Harry Potter by JK Rowling 

My favorite Potter ship:

Ron & Hermione
Ron & Hermione were the first fictional couple I ever shipped & I shipped them hard. I remember years ago before I read book 4, my brother telling me that Ron had a crush on Hermione & being completely shocked! When I read it, I never caught on to the fact that Ron did like Hermione. I didn't read in between the lines. I don't remember when I finally realized it, but suddenly I became a huge Ron & Hermione shipper. When waiting for book 6, I read Ron & Hermione fanfiction like it was my job. I read it a lot. So much, that my mom told me to stop reading them! I truly was obsessed. I remember wondering if they were going to get together in book 6 or 7, wanting them to get together in book 6, but thinking that they wouldn't get together until book 7 (which of course they didn't get together till book 7). I continued reading fan fiction & coming up with my own in my head after reading book 6 wondering when in book 7 that they would finally get together. I predicted that they would get together at Bill & Fleur's wedding, but I was wrong. I remember getting a little upset when they didn't get together right away while reading the book. Chapter after chapter after chapter. Then, finally, on page 625, they kissed! I was so happy! I started doing cartwheels around my living room. Yes, I was that happy. 

I still like Ron & Hermione together. I think they are cute. I used to say that they are the best fictional couple ever. However, now, after reading several other books, it would be hard for me to pick one ship/couple that I prefer over the other.

What's your favorite ship from Harry Potter? Feel free to comment or if you have a blog & decide to participate, please link back to Emily Hearts Books & post a link to your blog post in the comments! Thanks!

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