Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 9 of the Hunger Games 30 Day Challenge: Favorite Katniss Dress

Day 9: Favorite Katniss Dress (either from the books or movie)

There are some spoilers from the first book/movie in this post.

From the movie:


It's hard to decide which dress I prefer when it comes to picking a favorite dress from the movie since I've only seen the movie once so I can't remember all the dresses Katniss wore, but I would have to go with the red interview dress. It was really pretty. (I didn't like the bottom of it though.) It was a tad bit upsetting that the dresses in the film were not as good as the dresses in the book, but Katniss wears a lot of dresses in Catching Fire so maybe I'm speaking too soon. We will have to wait and see. Maybe if they do a good job with it I will make a post just for all the dresses Katniss wore! Who knows?

From the book I would say that my favorite dress was the simple yellow dress that Katniss wore after winning the games when she went onstage to meet Peeta. I guess I preferred the simplicity of it. I can't remember how it looked in the movie, but I remember she looked like an Ancient Greek goddess. See below photo. I wish the photo showed the entire dress so I could remember.

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