Sunday, April 15, 2012

Seeing The Hunger Games a Second Time

(If you haven't seen the movie yet, don't read this.)

The original plan I had was to talk about the stuff I didn't like and did like about The Hunger Games movie after I saw it March 23rd. However, now after seeing the movie a second time I have become more accepting of the things that they cut. I also got a lot more out of it. I noticed a lot more things than I did the first time! Even with the things they did cut, I still enjoyed it immensely and it really did stay true to the book for the most part which I absolutely love. I'm still a little bummed though that the ending was changed and that Peeta never found out that Katniss was faking her love for him. I've spoken with some people who haven't read the books and they thought that Katniss really was in love with him! Well, in my opinion, I don't think she was in love with him, but that she was slowly falling for him. I mean it's completely obvious that she did care for him a lot in the first book. Hopefully, in Catching Fire, they will show Peeta being upset about Katniss pretending to be in love with him during the games. We shall see. I also would have liked them to have the part when Peeta nearly dies after him and Katniss are both named victors. Oh well.

The acting in this movie is phenomenal. Both Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson deserve Oscars  and several other awards! Not only was the acting incredible but so was the entire essence and feel of the film. Even though I had seen the movie already, I still cried a few times. It's so sad and so tear-jerking! You also feel very intense and into it during a lot of the scenes including the opening scene of the actual Hunger Games, the reaping, most of the scenes with Prim, and the feast scene.  Wow, truly this movie is incredible. I love it. It's the best movie of the decade so far and I'm not just saying that because I'm a HUGE Hunger Games fan. It really is that good. I highly recommend it to everyone!! I cannot wait to see Catching Fire and they haven't even hired a director for it yet!! It better be good! It has a lot to live up to!!

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