Friday, August 2, 2013

Best Book of the Month--July 2013

I haven't done a Best Book of the Month Feature since August 2012, but I decided to do it again!

 Many thanks to YA Highway for the idea to post the best book that I read each month.  Last year upon deciding to stop participating it Road Trip Wednesday, I decided that I still wanted to post the best book that I read each month. 

Best Book of July 2013

This is definitely a hard month to start doing this again! I read many wonderful books in July so it is quite a challenge picking my favorite that I have read, but The Fault In Our Stars by John Green triumphs above all the others. I am so glad that I took a chance on reading this book. I highly recommend everyone to read this someday in their lifetime. I seriously wouldn't doubt it if this book will be (if it's not already) on schools' required reading list. However, I was never a big fan of required reading so I hope people read this book because they want to, not because they have to.

This book was the first book to actually make me cry, really cry. Not a few tears that never spill down my checks, but full out sob, and not just once, but multiple times. But this book is so worth it. I actually ended up buying it for my nook a few weeks after I read it because it was on sale at Barnes & Noble for only $3.99. I definitely plan on re-reading it before (or maybe after) I see the movie, which, of course, I'm super excited about!!

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