Thursday, August 15, 2013

Book Review: Asunder

Ana has always been the only one. Asunder. Apart. But after Templedark, when many residents of Heart were lost forever, some hold Ana responsible for the darksouls–and the newsouls who may be born in their place.

Many are afraid of Ana’s presence, a constant reminder of unstoppable changes and the unknown. When sylph begin behaving differently toward her and people turn violent, Ana must learn to stand up not only for herself but for those who cannot stand up for themselves.

Ana was told that nosouls can’t love. But newsouls? More than anything, she wants to live and love as an equal among the citizens of Heart, but even when Sam professes his deepest feelings, it seems impossible to overcome a lifetime of rejection.

In this second book in the Newsoul trilogy, Ana discovers the truth about reincarnation and will have to find a way to embrace love and make her young life meaningful."

Author: Jodi Meadows
Year of Release: 2013
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Genre: Fantasy
Sequel(s): Infinite & one novella, Phoenix Overture
Prequel(s): Incarnate
What motivated you to read this book?: I enjoyed reading Incarnate, so I wanted to read it's sequel! I also wanted to read this book before the novella is released in a few weeks!!
Book Version: e-book
Where did you get the book?: digital library
Favorite Character: Sam
Other noteworthy characters: Ana, Cris, Sarit
Thoughts on Cover: It's okay. I prefer the cover of Incarnate more.The mask makes the girl's face look strange.
Recommended to: Fantasy fans
Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Review: I must admit it took me several chapters to get into this novel, and sometimes when I did get into it, I would lose interest again later on. I'm not really sure what it was that made me not have interest in it originally. Lack of interest in the story line and what was happening? Lack of description? The fact that I read this after reading an amazing series and was still experiencing a hangover from it? I think it was a combination of all three. Fortunately, that ended and I was able to enjoy the story.

There seemed to be a vague description of everything, from the description of the settings to the description of Ana's emotions. I'm used to reading books that go on and on with lots and lots of details. Even though I've read Incarnate, I'm still not quite used to the vagueness of it. I guess I shouldn't complain because I'm not very descriptive in my writing either. Also, I have come to appreciate the information Meadows incorporated into the story that most readers wouldn't even notice. What I'm referring to is the music and flower element of the story. Meadows must have done a lot of research to assure the accuracy of everything. I admire Meadows a lot for that because I'm lazy when it comes to doing research for my novel that I'm writing.

As I said in my review of Incarnate, the plot and overall premise of this story is very unique. I've never read any novel like it before reading this series, and I love reading original novels/series. Jodi Meadows has a very creative mind. Not only that, but I found it interesting, and enjoyed learning the information that Ana and Sam discover throughout the book.

I also still have a growing fondness for Sam. He is definitely the type of guy I would like to date. He's kind, selfless, brave, understanding, honorable, helpful, and not to mention, attractive. I really like him a lot. I did get annoyed with him during one or two occasions in the book when he and Ana were fighting, but I got over it when Ana did. I loved it when he practically bragged about her during one scene in the book. He's just so sweet! My favorite part with him was definitely chapter 25!! I also like Ana as well. I admire her willingness to stand up for the other Newsouls, and the way she handled herself during difficult situations. In addition to Sam and Ana, I also liked Cris as well. He reminded me a bit of Sam himself, and I love his kindness. The character Sarit was also likable as well. She was very funny!

Overall, I liked this book, but it wasn't "I have to find out what happens next" type of book. I'm looking forward to reading the sequel and the novella, Phoenix Overture, written about Sam!!

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