Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 24: Favorite Minor Character

 Day 24: Favorite Minor Character 

(As usual, there are spoilers in this post.)

I seem to be saying this a lot, but this is a difficult one. I wouldn't say that I have a favorite "minor" character. I have a few favorites:

Prim is definitely a favorite "minor" character of mine. I use the term "minor" loosely considering how important of a character she is. If it weren't for Prim, Katniss never would have participated in the Hunger Games in the first place!

I really like how Prim grows and matures in both Catching Fire & Mockingjay. She's seemed so mature for a 13 year old.

As I said a few days ago, I really like Haymitch. He is definitely one of my favorite "minor" characters as well. Again, I use the term loosely espeically since he is so important to the story. I guess most of the characters are crucial to the story. The story wouldn't be the way it is without most of the characters there.

And lastly, Finnick. Unfortunately Finnick hasn't been cast yet (or if he has, it hasn't been announced publicly yet) so I don't have any photos to post, but I really do like Finnick a lot. I like both his serious and humorous side.


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