Sunday, May 20, 2012

Quick Divergent Survey

I know I already did a similar Divergent survey but I saw this survey on Tumblr and just had to do it! Read my other one for more extensive answers to similar questions! By the way, some of my answers may be slightly different from my first survey. My opinions change over time.

WARNING: This Questionnaire has spoilers from both of the Divergent books!!! So stop reading if you do not want to be spoiled!

  1. Your Faction? Erudite-born Amity transfer
  2. Your favourite character? Tobias
  3. Your most favourite shipping? Tobias & Tris
  4. Your least favourite shipping? Tris & Peter
  5. Dreamcast for Tris? An unknown with talent
  6. Dreamcast for Tobias?  An unknown with talent
  7. Your favourite friendship? Christina & Tris 
  8. Your favourite quote? I liked "You die, I die too." said by Tobias to Tris. I was like aww..but of course, we find out that he wasn't there on a suicide mission so that quote lost it's "aww" factor. I like other quotes but I don't have a favorite right now.
  9. Least favourite character? Eric
  10. Character who died that you wished didn’t? Will
  11. Character you wish died? Well, Eric is already dead
  12. Favourite moment in Divergent? When Tris & Four finally kiss!
  13. Favourite moment in Insurgent? Basically all the Tris & Tobias romantic parts, but especially the part when Tobias tries to keep Tris from leaving to go to Erudite to sacrifice herself & when Tris tells Tobias that she loves him. I also love the end when you find out that Tobias is not mad at Tris! 
  14. Your favourite fight/battle scene? None really stood out to me
  15. A scene that ripped your heart out? Too hard of a question! 

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