Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 28

Day 28: Favorite Tribute from 74th Hunger Games (Besides Katniss & Peeta)

Spoilers are in this post!

Besides Peeta & Katniss, I'll say:
I adored little Rue. She's so sweet & innocent. She definitely should not have been in the Games.She was 12  years old! None of the children should have been in the Games but throwing a little 12 year old in the Games is just horrible. It kind of makes me wonder though, if Katniss was unable to volunteer as Tribute or if Katniss was too old to volunteer, would Prim & Rue have gotten along? I think so. I think Prim and Rue would have been good friends. 

This is random but, I also wonder would Peeta have tried to protect Prim the way he protected Katniss? I definitely think so. He knew how important Prim was to Katniss. The sad thing is though, Peeta would have died if Katniss didn't volunteer. Wow, I think I just sparked an interesting topic to talk about later in this blog. Keep an eye out!



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