Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 26

Day 26: The scene in Catching Fire you're most looking forward to

Warning: There is a huge Catching Fire spoiler in this small post!

I'm definitely looking forward to a lot of different parts of Catching Fire. If I must be specific though and pick one, I'd choose the part in which Peeta and Katniss are both awake and keeping guard during the 75th annual Hunger Games while at the beach. During that part, Peeta tries to convince Katniss that she should let him die so she can live because she has a family (and Gale) who care about her back in District 12 while he has nobody. Technically, he had his family, but they didn't love him the way Katniss's family (and Gale) love her. This is the part when Katniss realizes that she would miss Peeta and would be a completely miserable without him. She tells him this, but he keeps trying to talk her out of it, and to live. He even mentions indirectly that he would die so Katniss can marry Gale. Katniss won't let Peeta talk her into it, and she ends up kissing him. Then, Katniss gets the "feeling" within her when she kisses him (a feeling she never got when kissing Gale), a feeling that makes her hungry for more of his kisses. It's one of the parts in the series when you know that she loves him, but she just doesn't know it yet. I also like how in the morning she can barely look Peeta in the eye because of all the kissing they did the night before. haha.

Oh goodness. I cannot wait to see that scene. So romantic. Ahhh... Is it November 2013 yet? Okay, I don't want time to rush away, but I'm still looking forward to this part.

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